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Gusto by Hidalgo

In the Grill Restaurant Hidalgo, in Postal, tasty and outstanding grilled meat dishes, delicious appetizers, and risottos, various types of pasta as well as South Tyrolean and Mediterranean specialties are served for lunch and dinner. Naturally, there is no shortage of vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free recipes. Right next door, the refined Aomi restaurant delights the palate of gourmets with delicacies based on the finest typically Japanese meat of Wagyū and Kobe Beef.


Those who prefer to savour the creations by Hidalgo in the privacy of their apartment can take advantage of the "Hidalgo at Home" take away or home delivery service. To ensure the highest quality, the kitchen prepares the dishes so that when you follow the instructions, you only need heat them briefly or brown them for a few minutes and they are ready to be tasted just like freshly prepared. For a gourmet dinner in total privacy, without limits of space, time and taste.


Please order dinner by 12:00 noon.
The dishes are delivered in special freshness-saving packages between 5:30 and 6:30 pm.

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